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I can recomend these models who are willing to pose at the studio. They are all extremely reliable and are excellent at at their job. They are also very creative in their ideas and can bring so much more to a shoot. It is always best to book a known reliable model. Always get the model's email address and telephone number. Check with her that she is going to turn up. Impress upon her that you are paying for the studio and will still be charged if she decides not to show... Nothing worse than arriving at the studio and your model does not show.







44 Burns Road
London SW115GX
0207 801 0180


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Anita Debauch

Madame Bink

Ella Rose

Erika Val

Fawnya Frolic


Hannah Ashlea

Ivory Flame

Iveta Niklova

Joceline Brooke-Hamilton

Kayt Webster Brown


Rebecca Tun


Ulorin Vex


Telephone 0207 801 0180
to book the models at the studio




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